Product Management

Source of Truth

At Glassboard I was responsible for managing and updating our Product Traceability Matrix — a single document that allowed an overview of every feature and it’s dev status.

The Sheet links to Jira Cards for developers, as well as interactive prototypes in Invision and API documentation.

This PTM was the center of the living product roadmap, with easily viewable statuses and blockers for each item.

A potential customer going through a user test to ‘get started’


I implemented Jeff Sutherland’s Scrum methodology after reading his book (several times). I got Standuply running in Slack to have a log of daily successes and blockers, followed by a quick digital meeting to resolve any blockers or discuss major updates.

The team loved the accountability and clear direction of product.


We followed a solid production process that required all artifacts have been approved before proceeding further in the development life-cycle.

I implemented UX sign-offs to prevent improper design and ensure all components were being utilized appropriately.


As the product owner, I managed the backlog and worked with the lead architect to design our sprints.

Once we had a sprint plan, we assigned the cards to devs and confirmed time estimates to set ourselves up for successful sprints.

Validation & Research

With a clear business model canvas connecting our value proposition with our customers and revenue streams, we had a clear plan for market acceptance.

This was reached by constantly getting the product in front of prospects to validate what we were building.

Check out the implementation