User Experience &
Interface Design

I’m passionate about making intuitive, enjoyable, and useful digital products. I orchestrate and lead user testing sessions
to understand points of confusion, develop prototypes, and believe in continuous discovery among users.

Glassboard // Assure

I was responsible for managing the user experience and product development lifecycle of a SaaS/PaaS solution at my most recent position.

The software is essentially Kickstarter for private investments; marketed to angel groups, syndicators, deal organizers, and their investors.



The Goals

Lead developers to create a high-end web app software product.

Analyze the market to understand needs and implement them into the product for maximum usability & performance


From functional architecture and a Product Traceability Matrix to simple UI & bug fixes

The Process

I implemented Scrum methodology and created a healthy UX culture to set up the product for customer success.

I planned sprints, facilitated standups and provided all of the assets/prototypes needed for the developers to succeed. Beyond this I tested the product and conducted UX research.

With a product roadmap in place, I filled in the assets needed to produce quality designs.


Left – Deal tracking solution // Center – Overall company product vision // Right – Product & team management

// end of project

I focused on improving the experience of a web application utilized by internal teams at companies of all sizes to improve the task of managing credit card & transactional disputes.

At this venture-backed company, I’ve been responsible for product design, visual & web design, along with marketing optimization. This included prototyping, testing, collaborating with the dev team  and customers, as well as developing a standardized design language.


The Goals

Lead experience design efforts and establish product design best practices.

Specifically, improve usability of a web-based product, improve retention, and clearly define and simplify
the core jobs-to-be-done.

A potential customer testing a ‘get started’ prototype

The Process

I developed a UX culture at the company by introducing and facilitating three GV Design Sprints, along with other user testing to get repeated validation on our product experience.

After testing the prototypes, I continued iterating on the design. And when our dev team was backed up, I helped implement the front-end design by working with them to make changes to the code-base.

Above is one of the first sprints, focused on the onboarding experience, building trust,  and getting people aquatinted with the app.


In the third sprint, we focused deeply on day-to-day jobs to be done inside the app:  assigning and completing tasks, understanding daily priorities, and making work-progress rewarding.


We worked through a wide range of designs, from low fidelity hand-drawn wire frames, to high fidelity, digital and clickable prototypes.

Having designs posted frequently in the office keeps discussion of flow and user feedback simple & easy.

Below is a sample run through of a clickable prototype used in some user on-boarding testing

Users preview dispute responses before purchasing or sending.

Fraud teams quickly & easily work urgent cases.

Account setup flows

With Sketch, Invision, & craft

UX Meetup

I presented to a Sketch user group on our UX design process at Chargeback to give designers the details of our workflow.

I emphasized testing best practices, internal team communication, and our best performing workflows & tools.

Product & Landing Pages

I’ve developed much of the website, landing pages, and marketing material to guide conversions & capture leads

// end of project

Nurisense was a contract project I worked on to create a better user experience for the mobile app. The company makes an analytics companion app for continuous blood glucose monitoring devices.



Glucose Insights

I’m passionate about being metabolically healthy, so when I started using their product and realized they needed a better experience, I reached out to the team and started contracting.


A UX refresh for iOS and Android devices

// end of project

Team Discount Card

App & Website Design

I worked with a development team to design the flow, interactions, and UI for an Android app.

The goal was to create a platform to manage the use of digital gift cards. Sports teams who sell the discount cards earn revenue for their team, while users of the app get access to add and redeem credit at their favorite businesses.

// end of project

Prepaid Phone

Mobile-web experience

At Prepaidphone, we believed that adding mobile service to any phone should be quick and painless.

I built and tested several prototypes of a mobile experience that walked people through the process. The phone number is confirmed, their service provider is detected, and they’re provided with plan options, followed by a quick payment.

The accompanying gif is a simplified version of the interactive prototype.

// end of project


conference companion App

With user stories and requirements defined, I created wire-frames, designed the high fidelity app, and worked to implement the project using the cross-platform (iOS and android) framework: Xamarin.

The app was live for the event and was useful for quickly viewing your unique schedule, a facility map, and speaker information.

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